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FALL 2012
Reinventing Government 20 Years Later
In 1992, Ted Gaebler and David Osborne authored the book "Reinventing Government" that "shocked the world" of government. Read this insightful interview with Ted about its impacts and what awaits government in the 21st century.
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Austin, Boston, Denver, Nashville, Phoenix, Toronto And On…
Over the last few months, our team has consulted with different organizations of various sizes and spoken at several conferences of government leaders.

The Ontario Municipal Administrators Association (Canada) held its fall conference in Huntsville, Ontario, about a two-hour drive north of Toronto, in what Canadians refer to as "cottage country." A wonderful setting for Patrick to present "Growing Our Own Leaders" that focused on effective ways to build a stronger government workforce.

The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) held its annual conference in Patrick's backyard of Phoenix and he presented two workshops – "R.A.P.I.D. Innovation: Converting Ideas into Results" and "Your Leadership Playbook." Watch a short clip on You Tube to learn more about Your Leadership Playbook.
Adopt Next Practices To Accelerate Progress
Elections are over and the business of government continues. There exists a powerful debate about the role of government – will it shrink or will it expand? Volatile budgets, shifting political winds, citizen-centric issues and rapid developments in technology together create an exciting opportunity for government to redefine itself as a community builder.

Our team of consultants at the Mejorando Group partner with government leaders nationwide helping them translate the headwinds of change into a tailwind accelerating progress towards a better future. In our work we provide a range of services designed to effectively disrupt the status quo thinking of “we’ve always done it that way” and replace it with a “next practices” approach of optimizing resources, increasing employee performance and improving organizational effectiveness.
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Your Leadership Playbook
Autumn is in full swing - the leaves have turned, the air is crisp and football abounds – all the required ingredients for a splendid fall. In that spirit, football serves as the backdrop for sharing the leadership practices of successful leaders in Patrick's recent article "Your Leadership Playbook." The cover story for the October edition of Public Management published by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), Patrick outlines techniques to effectively utilize a Game Plan, Offense, Defense, Play-calling, X's & O's, Team Players, the Field, Touchdown, Fans, and Tailgating. Buckle up your chin strap and read this powerful and practical article. Patrick has presented Your Leadership Playbook as a session at several conferences so after reading the article, be sure to schedule him for your next event.

Your Leadership Playbook
New Columnist For Governing
Since I have insiders knowledge with an outsiders mind and understand there is no box in today's turbulent world of government transformation I have been invited to serve as a contributor to Governing. Governing is the nation's premiere resource for providing leaders at all levels of government leading-edge solutions to counter today's most pressing challenges. I am thrilled to be afforded this opportunity. Read my first column published in September, "Government: Factory, Enterprise or Both." and second one published in October "The Next Government Workforce." Stay tuned for future articles.

Also a note to readers, starting with this edition of Moving Forward, it will be published quarterly Winter-February, Spring-May, Summer-August and Fall-November. Hungry for valuable content during the time between editions, then visit our Facebook page, read our Tweets and blog for timely and relevant updates to help you get better all the time.
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Patrick Ibarra
Our consulting work takes us to a number of terrific places and allows us the opportunity to partner with government leaders, as well as speaking at conferences. Check out our schedule as we may be in your area soon.
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