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Digital Government: Creating The Social Media Game Plan
It’s a new world — a digital world. The days of public hearings and physical petitions being submitted to demonstrate the general public’s concerns are rapidly fading, being replaced by new citizen engagement tools.
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Dallas, Los Angeles, Austin And...
Over the last few months, our team has consulted with different organizations of various sizes and spoken at several conferences of government leaders.

In Austin, Patrick designed and facilitated an Advance meeting with members of the Health and Human Services Department Carlos Rivera, Director, is pursuing an aggressive and progressive approach to re-establishing the focus and service of his Department.

Patrick presented Lean Process Improvement training to a select group of twelve employees from the City of Brookings, South Dakota. The intent was to equip these employees with an expanded skill set of critical thinking tools to apply in optimizing city services and programs. The Lean Team identified two city-wide projects to pursue and they are currently underway helping their co-workers “get better all the time.”

In the Dallas area, specifically Frisco at the Texas Municipal Human Resource Association. Patrick was the keynote speaker at the group’s annual conference in early May. He presented a new topic he developed “Getting Better All The Time” to celebrate the theme of the conference, which, by the way, we found flattering and extremely uplifting to those who attended. Patrick also presented the closing session designed to help participants translate all they learned during the conference back to their role in the workplace.
Implement Next Practices To Expedite Progress
Now is the optimal time to refresh the focus of your organization’s workforce. Helping members have a clear line of sight between the contributions he/she makes every day with the overall performance of the organization is fundamental to success. Ensuring leaders, top to bottom, are well prepared to navigate current and future challenges, is the hallmark of credible and effective government.

Our team of consultants at the Mejorando Group partner with government leaders nationwide, helping translate the headwinds of change into a tailwind accelerating progress towards a better future. In our work we provide a range of services designed to effectively disrupt the status quo thinking of “we’ve always done it that way” and replace it with a “next practices” approach of optimizing resources, increasing employee performance and improving organizational effectiveness.
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The Future Is Now: Your New Role As A Finance Pro
Over the past few years and into the foreseeable future, public sector finance will continue to experience transformational change. These forces of change present finance professionals with opportunities to redefine themselves. The question is what are the capabilities and competencies finance professionals need?

Read Patricks' recent article "The Future is Now: Your New Role as a Finance Pro" to learn about the six skills finance professionals need to excel in the 21st century: 1) Chief Innovation Officer; 2) Environmental Scanner; 3) Strategist; 4) Efficiency Expert; 5) Talent Manager; and 6) Technologist.

"The Future is Now: Your New Role as a Finance Pro" was published in the April issue of Government Finance Review by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). On May 31st at GFOA's annual conference, Patrick is presenting a workshop on this subject.

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Be sure and read Patrick's articles on including his most recent "This Government Brought To You By."
Upcoming Speaking Engagements
The Government Finance Officers Association is holding their annual conference in San Francisco. On May 31st, Patrick is presenting his newest workshop "The Future is Now: The New Role of the Finance Pro."

Patrick is a panelist presenting a "Succession Planning" webinar on June 12 sponsored by IPMA-HR (International Public Management Association for Human Resources).

On June 18th in Vail, Patrick will present "Reinventing Government in the 21st Century" at the annual conference of the Colorado Municipal League.

Patrick will present "Reinventing Government in the 21st Century, "Your Leadership Playbook" and "Measuring Performance" sessions on August 14-15, at the annual conference of the Washington City/County Management Association in Port Townsend.

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