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JUNE 2012
How To Get More Government
For Less Money
Is your organization strapped for cash? Most government groups don't have nearly the budgetary resources they had before the Great Recession, which begs the question, how can you provide more services with less money?
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Chicago, Vancouver, South Padre Island And Sierra Vista
Over the last few weeks, our team has consulted with different organizations of various sizes and spoken at three conferences of government leaders. Read more about our adventures and the great lessons learned from each our visits.
Implementing An Integrated Talent Management System
Building a strong and capable workforce is a never-ending journey. Read our recommendations on how to transition from the workforce you have to the workforce you want.
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Creativity And Cooking: A Recipe For Success
In today’s fast paced world, creativity is often viewed as a luxury that we no longer have time to explore. Solutions are expected to be immediate and often come at a price of sacrificed creativity. Using cooking as a backdrop, I have designed eight steps you can use to participate in status-quo disruptive activities, stretch your mind and cook-up your own creative juices.

Creativity and Cooking: A Recipe for Success
Alliance For Innovation
The Alliance for Innovation (AFI) is an international network of progressive governments and partners committed to transforming local government by accelerating the development and dissemination of innovations. Members of AFI seek out innovative practices, challenge existing business models, exchange knowledge, and provide products and services that help governments perform at their best. The Mejorando Group is a corporate partner of AFI and is one of a select group of sponsors AFI sought for its Big Ideas Conference in Palo Alto, California from June 22-24. In the next issue of Moving Forward, Patrick will share his innovative insights from this one-of-a-kind conference.
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