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FALL 2013
Advance Into 2014!
If you’re ready to move forward into 2014 and sustain the progress your organization has made then you need to schedule an Advance meeting of your elected and appointed officials. Way more than a conventional retreat, our approach enables a group to focus on future conditions and generate progressive strategies and innovative tactics to effectively anticipate and respond to changing circumstances. This results in a proactive and dynamic approach to supporting a high-quality, high-performance organization.
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Boston, Chandler, And San Jose And…
Over the last few months, our team has consulted with different organizations of various sizes and spoken at several conferences of government leaders.

In Boston at the annual conference of the International City/County Management Association Patrick presented his "Your Leadership Playbook" workshop.

The City of Chandler, Arizona retained the Mejorando Group to design their inaugural Succession Planning Program. Our report outlining the City's new competency model for non-supervisors, supervisors, managers and leaders was provided in late October. The next step is the creation of a Pilot Leadership Development Program.

Patrick designed and facilitated an Advance meeting with the Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services Department of the City of San Jose, California. The intent was to embed into the workplace culture the entrepreneurial approach of delivering department services.
Implement Next Practices To Expedite Progress
Now is the optimal time to refresh the focus of your organization’s workforce. Helping members have a clear line of sight between the contributions he/she makes every day with the overall performance of the organization is fundamental to success. Ensuring leaders, top to bottom, are well prepared to navigate current and future challenges, is the hallmark of credible and effective government.

Our team of consultants at the Mejorando Group partner with government leaders nationwide, helping translate the headwinds of change into a tailwind accelerating progress towards a better future. In our work we provide a range of services designed to effectively disrupt the status quo thinking of “we’ve always done it that way” and replace it with a “next practices” approach of optimizing resources, increasing employee performance and improving organizational effectiveness.
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Talent Management: The Next Phase Of Succession Planning
While the subject of succession planning has been the trend the last several years, this has transitioned to the practice of Talent Management wherein organizational leaders are seeking a broader and more systemic approach to building workforce capacity.

Read Patricks' recent article "Talent Management: The Next Phase of Succession Planning" to learn about eight strategies designed to expedite the transition from the workforce you have to the workforce you need!

Talent Management Article

Please read Patrick's articles on including his most recent entitled "What is Successful Government?"
Upcoming Speaking Engagements
In Emporia, Kansas on December 5th, Patrick will be delivering the keynote address "Revolutionizing Government: Trading Paint in the 21st Century" at the Kansas Association of City/County Management Annual Conference.

On February 26th in Springfield, Illinois, Patrick will be presenting his workshop "Your Leadership Playbook" to the Illinois City/County Management Association Winter Conference.

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Patrick Ibarra
Our consulting work takes us to a number of terrific places and allows us the opportunity to partner with government leaders, as well as speaking at conferences. Check out our schedule as we may be in your area soon.
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