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MAY 2012
The Complacency Dilemma - How To Sideline Stale Processes And Start Anew
New times call for new ways of doing things! Just because your organization is accustomed to doing things a certain way, doesn't mean it is the best way. Click here for some sound advice on how to start anew and become the lean, mean, efficient machine you know you can be.
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Atlanta, Raleigh, San Francisco And San Antonio
The future of Public Service and the benefits of rebranding…what we learned from our recent travels and useful tips on how to achieve the ultimate levels of success, no matter what your organizational position might be.
Transitioning Away From Grocery Cart Leadership
Does your organization suffer from the "Grocery Cart Leadership" phenomenon? You know, when aspiring and existing leaders choose only those activities he/she is most comfortable with as it relates to improving their capabilities? These people tend to engage in a steady diet of their favorite foods. This approach can work, but not when an organization needs to focus on organizational success! When it's time to diversify your palate in order to reach new levels of success, consider these steps.
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Succession Planning: The Sequel
Despite reports to the contrary, public sector employees continue to retire and take with them the knowledge of how to get work done in your organization. Combined with fewer available resources to train potential successors, these trends present new challenges. Read this article to learn about several low-cost high-impact techniques you can immediately utilize to build a well prepared workforce.

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City Hall Fellows
Attracting young people with a passion for public service is what prompted Bethany Rubin Henderson to establish City Hall Fellows. Bethany realizes that getting cities' own best and brightest to return home and tackle social problems locally was the best way to tackle our most pressing challenges. To date, Bethany and her group have placed seven cohorts of Fellows and worked with three different communities: Baton Rouge, LA, Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA. On May 9th, Patrick spoke to the San Francisco group to share his ideas about how to effectively navigate a career in government where every day you can make a difference!
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