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APRIL 2012
Budget Shortfalls – How To Maintain Services And Avoid Becoming The Next Detroit!
The recent economic disaster has presented numerous budget pitfalls for cities throughout the U.S.! Read more about where Detroit went wrong and how NOT to follow in Motown’s footsteps.
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Texas, California And Arizona
Tornados, southern hospitality and problem solving for HR professionals are just a few of the things we encountered in our latest round of travel. Read more about what we learned and what we discussed with several city groups here.
No More Retreats, Let’s Do An Advance!
Forget the boring and unproductive retreats! Why a Mejorando Group Advance is just what your organization needs to go from being in the back seat to the driver’s seat!
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Become A Genius!
The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do And How to Change It. Human habits seem intractable and inexplicable… often times they are as ingrained in our beings as the color of our hair. “In fact, habits can cause our brains to cling to them at the exclusion of all else, including common sense.” Read this book, your brain will appreciate it.

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Young Government Leaders
If you serve in a position for any level of government, here’s an organization exclusively for you. Young Government Leaders (YGL) is all about networking with peers, staying current on the latest and greatest trends and solutions, and figuring out ways to accelerate your career. With Chapters around the country, YGL is the pre-eminent organization you should join but that’s only the start. Get involved because like any professional organization, those who choose to become involved make it better. Join YGL immediately, if not sooner!
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Patrick Ibarra
Our consulting work takes us to a number of terrific places and allows us the opportunity to partner with government leaders, as well as speaking at conferences. Check out our schedule as we may be in your area soon.
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