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Strategic Planning Process Launch – City of Waukesha (WI) – February 26-28
Facilitate Executive Leadership Development Sessions – City of Glendale (CA) – February 21 & 22
Facilitate Citizens Task Force – City of Pasadena (CA) -March 15
Facilitate Community Services Dept. Advance Session – City of Glendale (CA) – March 8
Facilitate Strategic Planning Advance Session – Town of Queen Creek (AZ) – February 24
Present “Six Ways to Engineer Employee Engagement” Training Workshop – Town of Westlake (TX) – March 7

Government Succession Planning

Ensure The Right Staff Are In The Right Jobs AT THE RIGHT TIME

Adopting and implementing a comprehensive Succession Planning and Management Process is the solution you need and the Mejorando Group is the partner who can help.

Benefits realized from
Succession Planning

Succession Planning Benefits

Why now ?

According to a recent SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) Forecast, “The Top Workplace Trends According to HR Professionals”, 57 percent of respondents foresee a shortage of skilled workers having a major strategic impact on their organizations.  Thirty-nine percent said it will be difficult to very difficult to find qualified individuals for new jobs in a post-recession workplace that requires different skills.

Consider the following statistics:

  • Only 13% of local government managers are under 40 while nearly 71% were under 40 in the early 1970’s.
  • Each day, 10,000 people turn 65 years of age. 2016 is the first time, millennials now outnumber baby boomers in the workplace 76 million to 75 million. Millennials comprise 1/3 of the current workforce at 53.5 million and by 2025 they will make-up 75% of the workforce.
  • By 2018, 28% of the government workforce will reach age 61, the average retirement age.
  • 49% of local governments reported higher levels of retirement in 2014 compared with 2013, with 22% of those agencies reporting that employees had accelerated their retirements.

High-performance organizations don’t passively wait for the future. They create the future by investing their time and energy into ensuring the continuity of their leadership talent and organizational effectiveness.

What is Succession Planning and Management?

More than simply replacing positions that become vacant, Succession Planning is an ongoing process of identifying, assessing, and developing talent to ensure leadership, management and supervisory continuity throughout an organization and moreover, to sustain the performance of the organization.  The major focus is that replacements (i.e. bench strength) have been prepared to fill key vacancies on short notice, and that individuals have the development capacity to assume greater responsibilities and exercise increased technical proficiency and expanded management role in their work.

It is imperative to recognize that the process of establishing systematic succession planning is the equivalent of making a long-term culture change.  It can be a major shift in an organization where decision-makers may have been accustomed to filling one vacancy at a time.  Succession planning requires commitment to a longer-term strategic view of talent needs and features several benefits:

  • Having identified bench strength in place will help the City meet both long-term and emergency leadership, management and non-supervisory needs at all levels.
  • Growing your own sends a positive message throughout your workforce.  Promoting people is good for morale – and essential to a positive organizational culture.  People will want to join and stay with your organization since it develops its own people.  And promoting from within is consistent with an empowerment philosophy that encourages people to take on responsibility, assume risk and grow through their achievements.
  • The organization will have a clearer sense of an internal candidate’s strengths and opportunities for improvement as well as access to more and better data on that person’s performance than you would with outside candidates.  Therefore, you will be able to make more informed and accurate selection decisions.
  • It helps align human resources with strategic directions of the organization.

The Mejorando Group Difference

Ours is a firm that has deep roots in the field of building a stronger workforce through the use of an integrated and unified Succession Planning Program.  Since our inception in 2002, we have designed and implemented several succession planning programs for a number of public sector organizations and Patrick Ibarra has been published extensively in the area of succession planning and spoken at scores of conferences advocating progressive and practical methods to effectively transition from the workforce you have to the workforce you need.

We possess extensive experience and in-depth expertise that is highly compatible with the requirements of public-sector organizations.  We have partnered with leaders from a number of government organizations serving as the architect (designer) and contractor (implementer) of systematic and comprehensive Succession Planning Programs:

  • Collaborating with organizational leaders in crafting program objectives and components.
  • Completing Workforce Demographic Analyses to identify at-risk positions.
  • Designing and presenting learning/training workshop(s) that focus on Succession Planning – the concept and application – to executive leadership teams and employee task forces enabling succession planning to move forward with the proper support and understanding necessary for its effectiveness.
  • Providing specific improvements to recruitment, selection and promotional practices and processes.
  • Designing program components including candidate selection process for Leadership and Management Development Programs.
  • Designing and delivering a large number of competency based workshops for all levels of the workforce – front line, supervisory, senior management and executives.
  • Facilitating the process to adopt competencies for front-line employees, mid-managers and executives.
  • Administering 360-degree feedback assessment instruments of select employees.
  • Delivering executive education programs.
  • Designing and implementing Knowledge Transfer Programs.
  • Providing performance coaching to a range of management and executive level employees.

Our experience and expertise will ensure your organization adopts a forward-looking, practical and productive Succession Planning Program to accelerate the successful transition from the workforce you have to the workforce you need.

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Success Stories

City of Bismarck, North Dakota

The Mejorando Group was retained to design and implement a comprehensive and systematic succession planning program for a 500-employee organization.  This program identified critical positions (i.e. jobs) within the city workforce, created competency models, identified department-specific knowledge transfer strategies and tactics, specific improvements recruitment, selection, training, development, and performance management practices, and created a pilot succession planning process that included selection of candidates, administration of 360-degree feedback instrument, and creation of individual employee training and development plans.

City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The City of Fort Lauderdale retained the Mejorando Group to complete an assessment and provide recommendations to immediately and substantially improve the Recruitment and Selection processes and practices, and thereby enhance the strength of the City’s Employer Brand as an attractive employer to prospective candidates.

City of San Jose, California

The Mejorando Group was retained to design a systematic workforce/succession planning process for a workforce of 5,500 that focused on Succession Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Learning/Training and Development, Retention, On-Boarding, and Career Planning.  Select city departments and over 1,300 employees were involved as part of the initial phase, before it was expanded to the entire organization.  Because of the organization-wide succession planning program that was implemented (and continues to be utilized), a comprehensive pool of talent is available to draw upon to meet current and future city needs.

“I found Patrick Ibarra’s workshop on Succession Planning extremely helpful. His thought-provoking presentation made me aware of how critical it is for any organization to plan for and groom the next generation of leaders. Especially with the approaching retirement of much of the Baby Boom generation. I’m already using his ideas and strategies to ensure the long-term performance and competitive position of my department.”

Michael Sills-Trausch

City of Glendale, Arizona

“When we realized we’d be losing a record number of long-term employees to retirement within 5 to 10 years, succession planning and knowledge transfer became crucial priorities for Fort Collins Utilities. To ensure our business continuity, we hired Patrick Ibarra of the Mejorando Group to develop a strategic and practical Knowledge Management Transfer Program. He interviewed a number of incumbents in our department, and documented the professional skill sets necessary to perform successfully in those roles. Patrick also did a remarkable job of capturing the nuances of leadership, collaboration, and other qualities that are difficult to explain but necessary for things to keep running smoothly. We’re confident that the comprehensive Knowledge Management Transfer Program he prepared for us will ensure the long-term success of our department.”

Brian Janonis

Executive Director of Utilities , City of Fort Collins, Colorado

“We knew that we needed a comprehensive, practical approach to succession planning and employee development, but we didn’t know how to get there. Patrick Ibarra looked at our specific circumstances and helped us develop an effective program to develop employees, keep valuable knowledge within the organization, and improve the city’s recruitment efforts. City Councils can be very difficult to sell on things, but Patrick’s professionalism and expertise (not to mention his humor) made him credible and trustworthy from the very beginning. We’re very pleased with the work he’s done, and would recommend him to any organization looking to establish an effective succession plan.”

Kelly Cooper

City of Colleyville, Texas

As consultants to government organizations, the members of the Mejorando Group provide expertise in all aspects of performance improvement and organizational effectiveness services, including succession planning, leadership and management development and training, strategic planning, performance coaching and group/development/team building.