Where is Patrick?

Facilitate Strategic Planning Advance sessions – City of Bainbridge Island (WA) – January 23 & 24
Facilitate Executive Leadership Development Session – Town of Queen Creek (AZ) – January 19
Facilitate Community Task Force – City of Pasadena (CA) – January 20
Facilitate Strategic Planning Advance session – City of Richland (WA) – Jan 25-27

Our Clients

Cities, counties and special districts – we’re fortunate to have so many wonderful clients to help get better!

Please click on a shaded state to learn about our local governments clients.

Federal Government

  • Social Security Administration
  • U.S. Department of Energy

The Mejorando Group is pleased to partner with these national and state associations:

  • International City/County Management Association
  • National League of Cities
  • Texas City Management Association
  • Washington Cities Insurance Authority

“Patrick Ibarra is helping our department develop closer relationships with our customers, so we can build trust and be more of a business partner. We’re implementing the strategies and tactics recommended by The Mejorando Group to more effectively meet the needs of our clients in the areas of selection and staffing, employee development and training, labor relations, technology application, classification and compensation, and other human resource issues. The solutions provided by Patrick Ibarra and his team have made us eager to do what we do even better.”

Woodrow Jones

City of Tacoma, Washington

“We felt from the beginning that Patrick Ibarra was the right person to lead a comprehensive assessment of our human resource functions. He came specifically and enthusiastically recommended, and he proceeded to educate us, motivate us, and help us get real about change. At the end of the project, Patrick left us with something we could really use — not just a technical analysis but also a detailed implementation plan that’s empowering the department to take bold action. Patrick’s passion for bringing agencies and individuals up to the level they’re capable of is contagious, and our organization is positioned to become much better because of it.”

Julie Cardillo

Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara (CA)

As consultants to government organizations, the members of the Mejorando Group provide expertise in all aspects of performance improvement and organizational effectiveness services, including succession planning, leadership and management development and training, strategic planning, performance coaching and group/development/team building.